I have amazing friends who are healthy in mind and body. They are inspiring to me and I love them.

We had a chance to visit with my friends this week. It was wonderful.  It filled my friendship bucket. 

One particular night we were talking about their business (they are health coaches…and they do a great job at it!) and we began to talk about doing a family health challenge called the 21 day Fix.  All adults were engaged. Things were said like “yeah I could lose 10 lbs.”, “Oh it would feel great to have more energy”,  “I need something to get me motivated,” et cetera.  That’s when I said it. Are you ready? My intention was just to add to the enthusiastic conversation so I said…

 “Yes! I want arms like Kelly Rippa”.   

Laughter and conversation (and healthy snacking) continued when my six year old son changed everything for me.

“Just be yourself.”

“What did you say, buddy?”, I asked.

“He repeated a little quieter (because I think he immediately thought he said something wrong). 

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He said everything so right.

See what happened in the kitchen was a confirmation.  Not a confirmation of my arms (they don’t look like Kelly Rippa's (yet). It was a confirmation that:

My children listen to the life values I instill in them and they notice when I don’t abide by them. 

See, I am a therapist. We talk a lot about life lessons, confidence, self-talk, and much more. It is my job. And honestly it is my passion.  So, I interrupted (because sometimes it is that important) the other adults to apologize to them for the fact that I had made a mistake. Something that I had taught them over and over did not match up with what I was doing.  That moment right there is what TRUST is built upon.  Children are looking to see if their world matches up.  We say the stove is hot. Is it? We say that sugar could make their tummy hurt. Will it?  We say to just be ourselves. Do I?  We say to be confident. Am I? 

I should never want anyone else’s arms.  And then I publically in my kitchen thanked my 6 year old buddy for reminding me of an important life lesson that I never want to forget...and want him to hold true for a long time!